AlphaTech Counsel, S.C. is a law firm focused on entrepreneurs and their emerging companies. We provide transactional and business law-related counsel to a select group of companies, primarily in the Midwest. Depending on the stage of development of the client, we work with scientific and technical founders, professional management, and in-house counsel.

Experience with Emerging Companies

We provide significant depth and expertise to assist with many common issues that emerging companies face. We lend our knowledge and experience to entrepreneurs to enable them to have more time and other resources to better innovate. To the right are some examples of our transactional and project experience, both large and small.

Service for Entrepreneurs

$20+ million medical device company spin off a public company
$40+ million joint venture involving seven insurance, service, and lending organizations
$500 thousand bridge financing of a medical tool company
$1.5 million strategic investment and licensing arrangement between a medical system and an imaging company
$23 million sale of a consumer product company
$4+ million strategic investment and licensing arrangement between a public company and software company start-up
Joint Venture and Joint Development Agreement creating industry-wide website
$2.2 million strategic investment and licensing arrangement between a public company and software company start-up
$18 million sale of a medical device division
Developed and assisted with the implementation of an internal contracting process for $30 million company
$45 million private investment in public equity (PIPE) transaction of a semiconductor company
Joint Development Agreement and Exclusive Field of Use License between U.S. early stage cleantech company and European public company
$6 million recapitalization of Internet security company
$15 million convertible debt offering
$5.5 million angel financing for medical device company
$1.7 million bridge financing for a regenerative medicine company
Developed risk management program for $35 million company
Developed forms base for medical tool company
Developed and implemented stock option education program for large privately held technology company
Management buyout of a technology services firm
Designed, developed, and assisted with implementation of contract automation system for a technology services company

We are responsive and timely. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we are goal driven and have the same sense of urgency as our clients. We offer a range of fee structures that allow our selected clients access to the services they need in light of their business structure and stage of business.

Value to Entrepreneurs and Emerging Companies

We understand the importance of providing value and we often do it the same way as our clients do, by combining knowledge, experience, and innovation. As an example, we have developed internal structures and automated processes using the latest technologies that enable us to deliver our services more efficiently with consistently higher quality.

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