On-Call General Counsel

AlphaTech Counsel’s On-Call General Counsel service provides you an experienced attorney who will augment your emerging company management team.  Depending on the stage and needs of your company, AlphaTech Counsel can provide you a variety of options as part of this service, from a limited scope of matters focused on strategic advice to providing you with an experienced attorney at your site several days per week to serve as your general counsel.  Regardless of the structure, you’ll enjoy the benefits of an “in-house” attorney without the costs associated with employing an internal legal team or a feeling that the “clock is running.”

Benefits of Using AlphaTech’s On-Call General Counsel Service

Extension of  Senior Management.  Legal issues can be handled more quickly by an experienced attorney, leaving management more time to focus on growing the business.  Our attorneys have diverse experiences, ranging from executive officer experience in technology companies to general counsel experience in privately held and public companies.  By using our On-Call General Counsel service, you can have an experienced attorney attend your senior management and board meetings, so that you can receive real-time advice on business and legal issues.

Personal Attention and Responsiveness.  By integrating one of our attorneys into your company, we’ll better understand your organization, strategies, and operations.  The result is a much quicker response to your company’s legal needs and the ability to proactively identify and assess opportunities and risks as they arise.  We can also add value by developing and implementing standards and policies for routine legal matters that are tailored to your company’s business.

Assistance to Existing Legal Department.  The On-Call General Counsel can supplement a company’s existing legal department by providing access to an experienced general counsel, assisting with specialized long-term projects, or assisting with important issues that never seem to get enough attention.

Cost Effective Solution for Regular Access to an Experienced Attorney.  We typically provide the On-Call General Counsel service for a low, monthly flat rate that is a fraction of the hourly rates associated with traditional legal services.  The fee structure allows you to take advantage of high quality legal services for a predictable rate, without having to worry about your attorney being “on the clock.” 

AlphaTech is a law firm focused on providing transactional and business legal services for emerging companies, primarily in high-tech industries. We work with clients in all phases of development from formation to expansion and sale. For more information about our On-Call General Counsel service, contact us.