Routine Legal Services And Products

For "routine" legal services, AlphaTech Counsel offers a combination of the following cost effective legal services and products: (a) technology-leveraged products that are designed primarily for entrepreneurs and their emerging companies, (b) professional staff properly equipped with the latest software and automation tools whose primary role is to perform routine legal services for entrepreneurs and emerging companies in a cost-effective manner, and (c) client staff training to enable emerging companies to perform these routine legal services and functions themselves in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Below is a list of some of our technology and automation tools and products for routine legal services:

  • Automated Nondisclosure Agreements, Material Transfer Agreements, Employment Agreements, Stock Option Agreements, and other agreements
  • Sophisticated drafting tools that allow for efficient and accurate contract preparation
  • Background memorandum and presentations covering common recurring issues (e.g., term sheets, 409A, investor presentations, corporate minutes)

If the needed low value, time-consuming routine legal services cannot be efficiently delivered or addressed by AlphaTech Counsel, we often refer the work to other law firms better suited to meet that need.