We limit the number of companies we work with in order to ensure that we provide each of our clients the attention they deserve. The three general types of legal services we provide are described below.

Experience-Based Legal Services for Emerging Companies

Our primary offering is what we refer to as experience-based legal services for entrepreneurs and their emerging companies. Most of our clients are in technology-related fields. Our clients most often rely on our experience-based legal services at three stages: company formation, strategic expansion, and sale. Maintaining a high level of practice sophistication, knowledge of market terms, and network contacts are important parts of what we offer. The following are some of our experience-based, transactional legal service offerings for entrepreneurs and their emerging companies and some specific examples of our transactional experience:

  • Strategic corporate transaction planning and structuring

  • Joint ventures

  • Joint development arrangements

  • Venture capital transactions

  • Angel investment transactions and other private offerings

  • Exclusive licensing arrangements

  • Key legal commercial recurring agreements

  • Mergers, acquisitions, and sales of companies

$20+ million medical device company spin off a public company
$40+ million joint venture involving seven insurance, service, and lending organizations
$500 thousand bridge financing of a medical tool company
$1.5 million strategic investment and licensing arrangement between a hospital system and anemerging imaging company
$23 million sale of an emerging consumer product company
$4+ million strategic investment and licensing arrangement between a public company and emerging software company start-up
Joint Venture and Joint Development Agreement creating industry-wide website
$2.2 million strategic investment between a public company and software company start-up
$18 million sale of a medical device division
Developed and assisted with the implementation of an internal contracting process for $30 million emerging company
$45 million private investment in public equity (PIPE) transaction of a semiconductor company
Joint Development Agreement and Exclusive Field of Use License between U.S. early stage cleantech company and European public company
$6 million recapitalization of Internet security company
$15 million convertible debt offering
$5.5 million angel financing for emerging medical device company
$1.7 million bridge financing for an emerging regenerative medicine company
Developed risk management program for $35 million company
Developed forms base for medical tool company
Developed and implemented stock option education program for large privately held technology company
Management buyout of an emerging technology services firm
Designed, developed, and assisted with implementation of contract automation system for a technology services company

On-Call General Counsel

Knowing and understanding a client is important for good client service. Often, an impediment to understanding an emerging company's needs is infrequent communications. Many entrepreneurs decide to "handle it internally" or are hesitant to pick up the phone to discuss a matter with an attorney because of a feeling that the "clock is running." In addition, bringing in an attorney late in the transactional process or after a problem has festered often yields missteps, lost opportunities, and limited fixes. An obvious way to facilitate better and more frequent attorney-client communications is by limiting barriers to them. That is precisely what the on-call general counsel service is designed to do. More

Routine Legal Services and Products

For "routine" legal services, AlphaTech Counsel offers a combination of the following: (a) technology-leveraged products that are designed primarily for entrepreneurs and their emerging companies, (b) professional staff properly equipped with the latest software and automation tools to perform routine legal services for entrepreneurs and their emerging companies in a cost-effective manner, and (c) client staff training to enable emerging companies to perform these legal services and functions efficiently themselves. More