94labs 2011 Summer Class Launch Event

94labs incubator (formerly Spreenkler incubator) recently showcased the fourteen companies graduating from its summer session. The event was hosted at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery and featured the founders of the fourteen companies as well as the five companies emerging from the second-stage accelerator class. Joe Kirgues, Greg Meier, Steve Glynn, Emmanuel Mamalakis and others from 94labs led the event.

In introducing the 94labs incubator to the more than 300 attendees, co-founder Joe Kirgues explained the four main goals for companies going through the incubator: (1) develop a scalable business model, (2) build a software prototype, (3) identify and talk with potential customers, and (4) create an investor presentation. The idea is that the companies then leverage the capital, partnerships, and customers that they gained while in the program.

Each of the founding teams gave a four-minute pitch with slides. Steve Glynn emcee’d the program. Despite the stereotypes about young engineers, computer science, and math major graduates, the speakers were dynamic and articulate. Each team wore matching t-shirts with their company logo.

Here are short synopses of each of the companies:


Jungol offers an online platform to enable organizations to work together, with tools like to-do lists, file sharing and discussion boards, increasing efficiency and collaboration, leading to greater donations.

Door 6

Door 6 is developing a mobile game platform for making hard core games for mobile devices. The company was a finalist in Google’s Android Developer Challenge 2.

Quasi Electronics

Quasi Electronics offers a web-based tool and social community for non-professional market to design, build and order circuit boards. The tools on their site will facilitate the design and execution of electronics projects, targeting the rapidly growing non-professional market of students, DIYers, artists, and inventors.


Servique is an online platform for finding commercial and residential contractors. Their first city will be Milwaukee.

Open Education

Open Education offers a math learning software for teachers to create assignments online, where students can show their work, allowing teachers to track their progress.


Socle6 provides a private social network that allows users to better manage the dissemination of pictures and messages that, through traditional social media, often fall into the hands of recruiters, ex-friends, and others who should not have access.


Shindig offers a crowd-powered event booking platform that connects attendees, artists, and venues by allowing people to choose who they want to see perform where and when, by leveraging existing social media networks.


SASR has an iPad application called LivePaper for sharing class notes and communicating with professors and other students online, making studying more efficient and social.


ScioMD offers software to produce understandable lab test reports for patients. The software will compare a patient’s results with others in their demographic as well as give suggestions.


StyleShuffler offers a tool that gives personalized clothing suggestions, building on the customer’s preferences.

72 Web Design

72 Web Design offers professional campaign sites for small or local races, an alternative to more expensive web design firms. Their tools enable customization, online volunteer sign-up, and online political fundraising.

Searium Studios

Searium Studios is developing challenging multiplayer role-playing video game with unique, customized character and an immersive story targeting avid gamers, to be released on PC and xBox platforms.

PinPoint Software

PinPoint Software offers an expiration data management software called Date Check Pro, which tracks inventory expiration dates based on product purchases, saving grocers time and keeping expired items off of the shelves.


Jawnt is a social media related service that offers local hosts to provide authentic tours to travelers. The idea is to create unofficial and unique tours by giving people a “local’s view” of things to do.

The 94labs launch event was one of eight events that took place between August 18th and 27th as part of the Forward Technology Festival. The festival brought together up-and-coming and serial entrepreneurs, inventors, investors, and others plugged into the technology community.

A key financial backer of 94labs, Emmanuel Mamalakis, wrapped up the program with remarks that drew applause – that there’s no reason why Wisconsin can’t compete with the coasts in being a breeding ground for ideas, and that changing the culture of Wisconsin requires community, legislative, and family support.

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